A comparative essay on platos and aristotles philosophies on beauty tragedy and art essay

Because of these objections to laughter and humor, Plato says that in the ideal state, comedy should be tightly controlled. That is, the poets are rhetoricians who are, as it were, selling their products to as large a market as possible, in the hope of gaining repute and influence. The nub of the matter concerns the relation between power and justice.

Perhaps it does not leave them as they were, for their understanding of what properly elicits their grief or their laughter would seem to be shaped by this powerful experience, an experience they presumably repeat many times throughout childhood and beyond.

The issue turns out to be of deep ethical import, because it concerns the way in which poetry affects the soul. On this account then the mien or appearance of laughter is very closely related to that of joy Supplement to Book I, Ch.

University of Chicago Press. Long and Sedley The Best of Harry Graham, London: Among the strongest condemnations came from the Puritans, who wrote tracts against laughter and comedy.

Plato, the Stoics and the Epicureans Views on Pleasure and Pain.

Nonetheless, the implications of the Ion are broad; while Ion is not a poet himself, he bears important traits in common with the poet. Up until now, the mechanism, so to speak, has been vague; now it becomes a little bit clearer.

Part of the continued bad reputation of humor comes from a new objection triggered by the Incongruity Theory: The scope of the quarrel, especially in the Republic, also indicates that for Plato what is at stake is a clash between what we might call comprehensive world-views; it seems that matters of grave importance in ethics, politics, metaphysics, theology, and epistemology are at stake.

The art of rhetoric is all about empowering those who are strong by nature to master the weak by nature. Using Philosophy and Jokes. And therefore much laughter at the defects of others, is a sign of pusillanimity. Power is freedom, freedom is license a-c. It is an interesting fact that Plato deploys certain elements of poetry such as myth, allegory, simile, image in drawing the contrast between these outlooks.

In Philebus 48—50he analyzes the enjoyment of comedy as a form of scorn.

Modern Morality and Ancient Ethics

Creating jokes like these requires the ability to think of an abstract idea under which very different things can be subsumed. Jan van Hooff— and others speculate that the first play signals in humans evolved from two facial displays in an ancestor of both humans and the great apes that are still found in gorillas and chimps.

These transgressions of rhetorical genres to one side, from Socrates' standpoint the ultimate philosophical question at stake concerns how one should live one's life c. Let us note that sophistry and rhetoric are very closely allied here; Socrates notes that they are distinct but closely related and therefore often confused by people c.

If the audience is philosophical, or includes philosophers, how would the true, artful, philosophical dialectician address it. His position is called radical quantitative hedonism.

His example is none other than Socrates; philosophy will he says prophetically render Socrates helpless should he be indicted.

Philosophy of Humor

So were cabaret comics in Germany who mocked the Third Reich. That is clearly false, since when our mental patterns and expectations are violated, we may well feel fear, disgust, or anger and not amusement.

Laughter in the History of Religion, New York: Equally rigorous and systematic remarks about the differences between poetry and other art forms, such as music and painting, would be in order, as would reflection on the relation between orally delivered poetry indeed, if we are to include performance, poetry that is in one way or another enacted and poetry communicated through the written word.

For Schopenhauer, humor arises when we suddenly notice the incongruity between a concept and a perception that are supposed to be of the same thing.

Plato on Rhetoric and Poetry

One way to correct this flaw is to say that humorous amusement is not just any response to incongruity, but a way of enjoying incongruity. But this is not something Gorgias wishes to admit; indeed, he allows himself to agree that since the rhetorician knows what justice is, he must be a just man and therefore acts justly b-c.

As medicine stands to cookery, so justice to rhetoric; as gymnastics to cosmetics, so legislation to sophistry. Tracing laughter to a play signal in early humans also accords with the fact that young children today laugh during the same activities—chasing, wrestling, and tickling—in which chimps and gorillas show their play face and laugh-like vocalizations.

Dialectical speech is accompanied by knowledge, can defend itself when questioned, and is productive of knowledge in its audience e4—a4. All three are justly viewed as rhetorical masterstrokes by Plato, but for different reasons. Young monkeys leap not just from branch to branch, but from trees into rivers.

The poets must not imitate see c3 for the term gods or men suffering any extremes of emotion, including hilarity, for the strong souls are not overpowered by any emotion, let along any bodily desire. Socrates implies that they pander to their audience, to the hoi polloi b3—4.

The ensuing discussion is remarkable in the way in which it elaborates on these theses. The ideal stoic would go about life as an actor in a play, playing the roll they are assigned. Dec 16,  · Plato Essay; Plato Essay. Critism in Plato. Plato criticizes poetry and the fine arts. Plato feels that art is merely the imitation of the imitation of reality, and that poetry corrupts the soul.

Socrates says that artists merely create things. TOPIC A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF PLATO AND ARISTOTLES POLITICAL THOUGHT WRITTEN BY OKWOR. Although most people value humor, philosophers have said little about it, and what they have said is largely critical.

Three traditional theories of laughter and humor are examined, along with the theory that humor evolved from mock-aggressive play in apes.

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Plato’s believes that the body is nothing but constant distraction to the soul. The five senses, along with pleasure and pain are among the most distracting feature of the body because with them, one cannot search for reality.

Philosophies of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle The philosophies of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle had different points of-view but they were also similar in some ways.

For example, all three philosophers had their own thoughts on the subject of justice and government.

A comparative essay on platos and aristotles philosophies on beauty tragedy and art essay
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Plato, the Stoics and the Epicureans Views on Pleasure and Pain. , Sample of Essays