Male and female reproductive system essay

The dorsal surface of the penis is that which faces upward and backward during erection. A group of short glands that are closest to the urethra and discharge mucus into its channel are subject to simple enlargement.

Testes are the oval shaped organs which lie outside the abdominal cavity of a man. Consequently, maternal cells metabolize more fatty acids and less glucose than usual, sparing glucose for use by the fetus.

What Are the Differences between the Male and Female Reproductive Systems?

An ovulated oocyte is cast into the peritoneal cavity, and many oocytes are lost there. This acidity helps keep the vagina healthy and free of infection, but it is also hostile to sperm. It is hooded by a skin fold called the prepuce of the clitoris, formed by the junction of the labia minora folds.

Events of Fetal Development The main events of the fetal period—weeks 9 through 38—are listed chronologically in Table The ovarian blood vessels reach the ovaries by traveling through the suspensory ligaments and mesovaria.

Vagina is a tubular structure. Once the genetic sex has been determined, there normally follows a succession of changes that will result, finally, in the development of an adult male or female.

This day phase is the most constant timewise. This may reflect to some extent the high metabolic costs of gestation and lactation. The reproductive system has four functions: The male sex hormone testosterone is produced by Leydig cells. As LH blood levels fall, the stimulus for luteal activity ends, and the corpus luteum degenerates.

The upper end of the vaginal canal loosely surrounds the cervix of the uterus, producing a vaginal recess called the vaginal fornix. The embedding of embryo in the thick lining of the uterus is called implantation.

As a rule, one follicle outstrips the others to become the dominant follicle and is at the peak stage of maturation when the hormonal LH stimulus is given for ovulation. These events, though more widespread, are analogous to the erection phase in men.

LH also triggers ovulation at or around day In mature females, leptin keeps the hypothalamus informed about whether energy stores are sufficient to support the high energy demands of reproduction.

Writing sample of essay on a given topic "Importance Of Reproductive System In Human Life" i m doing my homework Importance of reproductive system in the Why cornell essay college confidential female reproductive system. Thus, it appears that faced with meiotic disruption, meiosis in males grinds to a halt but in females it marches on.

Signs of Puberty Different sex steroid hormone concentrations between the sexes also contribute to the development and function of secondary sexual characteristics. Ovaries are the oval shaped organs which are inside the abdominal cavity of a woman near the kidneys. A woman has separate openings for urine and for menstruation and sexual intercourse, whereas the man only has one opening to let out urine and semen.

The lobes are padded and separated from each other by fibrous connective tissue and fat. Nov 03,  · The female reproductive system requires a monthly period to renew the lining of the womb, whereas the male system does not require regular maintenance in the same way.

Structurally, the female reproductive system is an area for holding and nurturing an unborn baby.

Reproductive System Essays and Research Papers

The male reproductive system is made up of the penis, testicles, epididymis, the vas deferens, and the prostate glands. Sperm and sex hormones and produced by the testicles.

Physiology-Reproductive System and Hypospadias Essay Sample

Sperm is collected and stored by the epididymis, which is released by the penis by way of other parts of the male reproductive system. MALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM Contents Vasectomy 3 BPH – Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia 4 ED – Erectile Dysfunction 6 Andropause 7 Gynecomastia 8 PSA Testing 9 Peyronie’s Disease 10 Diphallia 12 Cryptorchidism 13 Orchiopexy 14 Prostate Cancer 15 STD’s 17 a) Chlamydia 17 b) Gonorrhea 18 c) Syphilis 19 d) Herpes Genitalis 20 Paternity Test 21 Viagra (sildenafil) 22 Circumcision 23 Vasectomy.

it is when an embryo implants in a site other then the uterus. it may occur when the uterine (fallopian) tubes are blocked (prevents passage) or when the egg is lost in. Reproductive development continues in utero, but there is little change in the reproductive system between infancy and puberty.

Development of the Sexual Organs in the Embryo and Fetus Females are considered the “fundamental” sex—that is, without much chemical prompting, all fertilized eggs would develop into females. The male gamete, or sperm, and the female gamete, the egg or ovum, meet in the female's reproductive system to create a new individual.

Both the male and female reproductive systems are essential for reproduction.

Male and female reproductive system essay
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