Marijuanas pros and cons essay

Get Addicted Quite like other recreational drugs, pot smoking can lead to addiction. However, history tells us that the medicinal properties of cannabis have been recognized for centuries.

Hindman agrees that not enough is known on the topic and said he thinks politicians may come to regret any decisions to legalize the drug. I've considered myself particularly qualified to weigh in on the subject ever since my philosophy professor pointed out to me as a college freshman that the Italian derivation of my name, Mal-erb-a, can be interpreted to mean "bad weed.

The Cons of Legalizing Marijuana Increase in Consumption One of the greatest worries that comes with the legalization of marijuana is the possibility that the consumption of the drug will increase drastically.

Yet many firsthand accounts of the drug and we use that term loosely have been denounced by some in the scientific community as mere anecdotal evidence. After the interview I could really tell he has extensive knowledge about this topic.

Legalization of marijuana pros and cons essay

There Is a Potential for Abuse While marijuana poses very little if any danger to the health of the patient, prolonged use that is outside recovery parameters could lead to symptoms that resemble those of certain mental disorders.

To have more peaceful, safer schools, as well as cheaper shopping bills, uniforms are the way to go. The most common symptoms experienced are irritability, or having difficulty sleeping in the weeks after quitting. Alcohol stays in the body for a short period of time, he said, but cannabis can remain in the body for up to four weeks.

For example, marijuana can help you cut back on drinking, reduce nausea, stimulate appetite, protect your brain after a stroke, and even protect your brain from concussions and trauma. While there are concerns that lowering of price will increase consumption of high quality cannabis, the fact of the matter is that it is marginally better than the threat put forward by the consumption of cheap, low-quality marijuana, which can have the same negative effects as spurious alcohol.

As with alcohol, we must establish reasonable taboos with compassionate responses. More rarely, when used by the wrong individuals, it may serve as a trigger for psychotic states, including schizophrenia. Keep reading to learn more about it. Research indicates that nearly 50 percent of Americans have tried marijuana at least once in their lives.

Give your essay a title that relates to the thesis. Pros of Weed 1. You can also use anecdotes, common sense appeals, or appeals to emotion. There is also debate about the consistency of the effects of marijuana on relieving stress and anxiety.

School uniforms ensure that all students have the same access to well-fitting, modest clothing during classes, and also erase the differences between richer and poorer students, putting them all on a more equal footing. July 29, - 7: Keeping certain drugs illegal has caused corruption among politicians and the citizens of our nation.

Although I do have strong reservations about the way beer commercials promote their products with messages containing images of wild parties, sexual objectification and fantasies of athletic heroism.

Medical marijuana is used for a number of different diseases. Patients Will Be Required to Provide ID To make medical marijuana accessible to those in need, the bureaucratic hurdles that are present within the dispensary and patient-registry enrollment process represent a significant challenge to anyone without proper identification.

The main reason why the Drug Enforcement Agency doesn't want marijuana to be legal is because their is. So what, exactly, are the pros and cons of pot? Health looked at recent research and spoke with several experts about who might want to try it, who should avoid it, and what any marijuana user.

about using marijuana, there are no major health threats to definitely rule out legalization (Bourgois, ). The Pros and Cons of Marijuana Legalization A growing controversy exists in the United States over the uses and legalization of marijuana (Joffee & Yancy, ).

Marijuana also known as cannabis is a plant used as a psychoactive drug in medicine and strictly for medicinal purposes only.

Pros and Cons of Having a Medical Marijuana Card [REVEALED]

Cannabis is illegal to use in every state other than two but is used very frequently by many people including athletes. Many athletes are reluctant to indulge in the.

I will demonstrate the cons of legalizing marijuana due to, the long term effects of using marijuana, crime rates, and the "gateway effect " and then I will effectively go through the pros due to liberty, cost effectiveness, and medical uses/5(5). Jun 06,  · This is for a Law class so I need pros and cons that are more law related then biology related.

It is for a seven paragraph (intro, five body, conclusion) essay Status: Resolved. Growing marijuana is legalizing marijuana legalization of human life. Long-Term substance abuse; religious views read the health benefits.

Those who are considering the future in after weighing the pros and. Benefit from both pros and cons of

Marijuanas pros and cons essay
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Legalizing Marijuana: A Proofread Academic Essay Sample